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  • 2016

      Made in collaboration with Aimee Burnett for her exhibit "Appetizer". A four foot long cocktail sword pierces a white styrofoam cooler. The sword is a hand carved, scaled up copy in crystal clear plastic. The foam cooler conceals its content, and supports the sword at a precarious angle.

      A series of beach towels stretched over wooden frames. The towels feature wild cats. Each cat's face is covered over, hidden from sight by a glass tile mosaic. The individually coloured 1"x1" glass tiles of the mosaic simulate the effect of ovular pixelated censorship used to hide a face in a photograph.

      A series of water guns painted in a thick, glossy coat of black. Their vessels filled not with water, but with Soya Sauce. Hung to be displayed or retrieved from a pegboard panel.

      William Adolph Bouguereau's wave crashing in on a disembodied subject. Now an oversized pig head sits on the beach where a naked woman once lay. Outlining this image is a hard, mechanical, vibrant red stroke.

      A series of mass produced natural history prints framed and behind glass. Speckling the surface of their glass, and casting shadows on the prints, are vinyl bullet hole decals. Those typically used to decorate automobiles.

      A photograph taken from inside a fishery. Hundreds of colourful tilapia heads piled atop one another and filling the frame completely. The frame, supporting this image is a large, plaster, gold painted ornament in a poor state of repair.

      A performance based art book that documents the application of catchup to 10 different National Geographic magazines. Each National Geographic cover tells the story of a different ecological crisis. The magazine is closed. Then it is open. Then catchup is squirted onto its open page. Then it is slammed shut and the catchup splatters outward around it.
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